Saturday, AUG 19th: FREE Outdoor Movie!

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FREE Outdoor movie night:

“The Night of the Comet”


The feature for the July screening is the 1984 Sci-Fi classic,
“The Night of the Comet”

In this sharp-witted sci-fi disaster outing, a comet smashes into California leaving a pair of Valley girls and a few others alive. When the ladies finally figure out what happened, the twosome embark upon an unprecedented shopping spree, for while all humans were vaporized, their clothing was left intact.

“Since before recorded time, it had swung through the universe in an elliptical orbit so large that its very existence remained a secret of time and space. But now, in the last few years of the twentieth-century, the visitor was returning. The citizens of Earth would get an extra Christmas present this year, as their planet orbited through the tail of the comet. Scientists predicted a light show of stellar proportions. Something not seen on Earth for 65 million years. Indeed, not since the time that the dinosaurs disappeared, virtually overnight.”

“Night of the Comet is one of the best of this group because it pays homage to the 1950s films and satirizes them in equal measure. This was uncommon for its time, but it clearly has had some influence over the last thirty years. Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, This is the End and The World’s End all owe a little something to Night of the Comet, which has changed the way we look at the end of the world”

Limited seating is provided, but you are encouraged to bring a folding chair a blanket and a pillow.

Free popcorn!
8:30pm – 10:30pm
Short films & Cartoons until dusk
Followed by the feature at 9pm
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