RERUN is turning 15 years old in a few months!  Where did the time go??
We have been working diligently at both store locations in preparation for re-opening. Just like small mom & pop stores across Oregon, we are making big changes to adapt our business. The safety of our customers and employees is our chief concern; so please be patient as we navigate our "soft re-opening".


We are looking at the first weekend in June as our “Soft Re-opening” date for RERUN2- our Sandy Blvd location. It is larger and can accommodate more shoppers while practicing safe social distancing.  We are so excited to have you back at our Sandy store!


While we have been closed we have completed the remodeling on our 3,500 square foot retail space downstairs!  Now there is a total of 8,500 square feet of pure SHOPPING BLISS… Soon we will invite you in to shop our kickass selection of clothing and accessories at RERUN2!

So, to recap: WE MISS YOU! We appreciate your patience. Both stores are starting to come together in an amazing way; and we are super excited to re-open in some fashion VERY SOON! Meanwhile, here are a few ways to show your love for RERUN and YOUR Community


Contribute now & shop soon!


Support our 13,000 consignors!


Want to donate somthing?

More details coming soon… Want a virtual hug? Follow us on Instagram!

Take Care. We love you. See you soon!

PS: Please remember to support your favorite local small businesses
They need you more than ever!