RERUN2 on Sandy Blvd just turned 5 years old!
And RERUN on Fremont turned 17 years old in October!  Where did the time go??
Thank you to all of our supporters!


We invite you to shop Clothing, Home Decor and a limited selection of Furniture at our 707 NE Fremont Location. If you can’t visit us during these days, please shop our more expansive selection of Furniture and Clothing at RERUN2, our 6940 Sandy Blvd. location. Please visit our OfferUp page for furniture and other unique items!

RERUN2 Featuring 3,000 sq/ft. of Clothing!

We are proud to offer clothing at RERUN2! This 2nd location is 10,000 sq/ft. and we invite you to shop our selection of clothing and accessories from Thursday-Sunday at RERUN2! CLICK HERE for a walk through of our clothing section; or just come down and say hello!

So, to RECAP…

If you haven’t yet visited our Sandy Blvd. location, please come by and say hello!
Meanwhile, here are a few ways to show your love for RERUN and YOUR Community



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Take Care. We love you. See you soon!

PS: Please remember to support your favorite local small businesses
They need you more than ever!