“Best Offbeat Store 2007” Portland City Search

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“Best Offbeat Store 2007” Portland City Search

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Editorial Winner:
Best Offbeat Store 2007
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You voted for the best Offbeat Store in Portland, and we counted.

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User Reviews for Rerun

[one_half]True flea market finds

07/01/2007 Posted by bethypops

Love this store, a true thrift store. The prices are right and the finds are pretty consistent. And the staff are a bunch of cuties…what more is there to say??

Funky finds at good prices!baby clothes too![/one_half] [one_half_last]02/06/2007 Posted by gurrli5

Love this place-they’re never overpriced and always have something interesting.The best is that they also do consignment for cute baby clothes & toys- which is not easy to find.The staff rule-really nice. and its right next to Irving park&Cafe Destino so you can shop,munch on some goodies and take a stroll… nice way to spend an afternoon. very worth checking out!![/one_half_last]

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