RERUN proudly serving thrifty shoppers for 12 years!

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Rerun has been proudly serving thrifty shoppers for over 12 years! The time has been flying by and we wanted to stop and celebrate this moment with you.

RERUN is from the outside, just an ordinary 2,000 sq/ft. green building with some furniture and clothing on display. What happens when you combine the thousands of shoppers and our colorful staff is something much bigger than the space. I won’t write 4 pages of stories but I will say that inside our doors, we have:

  1. Reunited 80 year old childhood friends
  2. Sold a 75 year old woman a yearbook from her graduating class, to replace the one she lost when all of her possessions were destroyed in a fire.
  3. Allowed a venue for a 19 year old punk rock girl and a 65 year old housewife to exchange fashion tips.
  4. Sold many kids their FIRST BIKE!

etc, etc, etc.

These are not happenings that we take credit for, we just opened our doors and created a space where these things are possible. We are blessed to have this opportunity to contribute to our community and we know how lucky we are to be embraced by them.

In honor of RERUN’s 10th Birthday, we want to share an 8 minute webisode that was filmed at Rerun.  Titled, “Superchill” this 6 part series follows the adventures of a British filmmaker Greg and a local actor Vin as the two friends try to make it in Portland, Oregon.

RERUN hosts video shoot.

Super Chill – Episode 3 from Super Chill on Vimeo.

Check it out; it’s only 8 minutes. ENJOY!

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